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"I was thrilled, almost overwhelmed by the gift of your latest poetry book. Your multi-faceted creative gifts are a continuous blessed presence in my life."

         ---B.L. Hanover, NH

"You've captured an essence of nature and rural life that I envy. I shall continue to recall your images of leaves in senseless swirls as we enter the fall season with 'birds locked in flight'."

         ---S. W. Darien, CT


Selected Poems From

Peter Fox Smith's second book of poems was part of an artistic recognition of the 2000 millennium. The grand variety of "Voices" in this book includes the pensive, cynical, ribald, and controversial. For example, the second song of the poem entitled "Heroic Voices in Songs" is a version in American English of a brief poem by Nikolaus Lenau.

Coming and Going

Whenever she came she was more lovely
Than the first green after winter

And when she spoke she touched my heart
More sweetly than the first song of spring

But when her hand waved farewell
The final dream of youth fled from me.

The many voices of the millennium utter precious little optimism for our future and yet a still, small, voice periodically seems to remind us of the beauty of life and why it is so worth living to the fullest. This book was printed in a limited edition of 205 copies. Less than half remain. Peter Fox Smith inscribes and numbers each book.

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