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A Passion for Opera
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A Passion for Opera
Learning to love
It; The Greatest
Masters, Their
Greatest Music

"for all libraries"
Barry Zealow

"A Passion for Opera is an informative text with the added virtue of being enjoyable to read."

        ---David L. Kirk



This comprehensive book by Peter Fox Smith has been enthusiastically reviewed with Barry Zealow in particular recommending it "for all libraries." A PASSION FOR OPERA has been praised by students, general readers, and very important musicians such as conductor Robert De Cormier, composer William Mayer, singer Elly Ameling and others. If you have only one book on opera make certain it is A PASSION FOR OPERA wherein this most dramatic and comprehensive of all the arts is elucidated in pleasurable, non-technical prose. The magic of the book is the manner in which Peter writes in a way that speaks both to the neophyte and to aficionados. A PASSION FOR OPERA also is a rarity among books on opera with its inclusion of a chapter considering operetta as an equally serious art form.

Peter Fox Smith was raised in an operatic family where Metropolitan Opera stars and other notable singers were friends of the family and through his countless radio programs Peter has met, interviewed, and befriended famous singers, conductors, and producers: To name merely a few Licia Albanese, Shirley Verrett, James King, Elisabeth Connell, Jerome HInes, and Gottfried Wagner, the great-grandson of Richard Wagner.

Opera always has been at the center of Peter's life and work. He has attended innumerable performances here and abroad, his collection of historic, rare, and contemporary recordings is huge, and a wonderful library contains significant books on opera in several languages along with complete orchestral scores of many works. All the above experiences come together in his big, beautiful, informative, and immensely fun to read book where Peter is bold in his opinions and entertaining with anecdotes.

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