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Author Peter Fox Smith, acclaimed opera expert and much respected poet, has written A PASSION FOR OPERA, NORTH POMFRET POEMS, VOICES OF THE MILLENNIUM, A PIDDLE DOODLE MEMOIR, and SISTERS OF EVE. Beyond his expertise in music and poetry Peter has published articles on a variety of subjects in the Sunday magazine section of the Boston Globe, The Ohio Historical Quarterly, Scribe Literary Quarterly, The Harvard Theological Review and other magazines.

Peter Fox Smith has lectured on opera and has led music tours in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, produced and narrated weekly radio programs on opera and classical music for thirty five years over the stations of Vermont Public Radio, more than 3000 programs to date, read his poetry on radio and TV, and given poetry readings at schools, clubs, libraries, and literary societies.

Peter was educated at the University School, Denison University (B.A.), and Harvard University (M.A.. and Ph.D.) where he wrote his doctoral thesis on Richard Wagner. Also, while at Harvard, he was a member of the Poetry Table of the famous American poet Robert Lowell and studied elocution with Professor Frederick Packard which obviously contributed to his being an immediately recognized voice on the radio and such an engaging public speaker and reader of poetry.

Along with radio work and writing Peter Fox Smith has taught courses on opera and humanities both to undergraduate and graduate students. Since the 1960's he has held teaching appointments at Emerson College, Harvard College, and Dartmouth College. Now retired from teaching Peter lives with his wife Joanne, an interior designer, on a small farm in the hills of Vermont.

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